MEL can help you test for PFAS contamination in your soil and/or water.

We’ve partnered with a very experienced, accredited organics laboratory in Massachusetts to run our PFAS samples.

Once you decide if and how you want to go ahead, we’ll provide the necessary sample containers and instructions – which can be picked up at our lab, or we’ll mail them to you ($10 fee) – the bottles are included in the price. Please note that payment is not expected until samples are received.  We will coordinate delivery of your samples to the sub-contracting lab.

If requested, we can submit the results to the Maine Drinking Water Program in a report format that satisfies DWP compliance rules (for Public Water Systems).

There are a couple of options for analysis, depending on the number of compounds you want analyzed in your drinking water or soil.

FYI – Blank analysis helps identify the source if PFAS is detected in your sample. It is also required by the DEP for consideration of possible reimbursement. Given the cost, you can certainly waive this option… If interested, we can provide you with a detailed explanation about the significance of blank analysis.

2023 MEL PFAS Pricing

Soils and Sludge (sample > 15% total solids):

24-28 PFAS compounds,  $440

4 - 9 PFAS compounds,  $410

Drinking Water      

EPA 533 - full list (25 compounds),  $340

EPA 533 - ME-6 list (or NH-4, NH-9 lists),  $310

EPA 537.1 - full list (18 compounds),  $310

EPA 537.1 - short list (4-9 compounds),  $275

EPA 537.1 modified isotope dilution, full list (MDEP),  $340

NON - Drinking water samples (WW, SW, GW):     

24-28 PFAS compounds,  $375

4 - 9 PFAS compounds,  $340

Field Blanks (no hold & wait option):

same PFAS list as sample,  $175


The State of Maine has a lot of groups working on PFAS recommendations.  Most of the information overlaps but there are some small differences in some directives at this time, such as what pens may be used for sample labeling, etc.  Be aware of what user group you belong to when choosing a set of instructions-- private well water tester, public water system, municipal sludge generator or farmer, etc.


Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) PFOA and PFOS webpage:

Maine DEP -- PFAS sampling for homeowners. … Includes info about possible DEP reimbursement of testing costs.

Maine DEP Well-water request formIf you live near a DEP-licensed sludge or septage land application site in Maine, you may use this form to request that the DEP sample your well for PFAS. 

How to Read Your PFAS Lab Results (Maine DEP):

How high is too high? Maine PFAS Screening Levels (Maine DEP 2021):

FOR PUBLIC WATER SYSTEMS - Your authority is the Maine CDC's Maine Drinking Water Program

Maine Drinking Water Program PFAS:


Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) PFOA and PFOS webpage:

FOR FARMERS - Your friend is the Maine DEP and the Department of Agriculture

Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) PFOA and PFOS webpage:

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry PFAS page:

UMaine Extension "Guide to Investigating PFAS Risk on Your Farm" (new website 2/8/22)

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners (MOFGA) PFAS Resources:





Sampling Methodology

Avoid contaminating your samples - read some guidance first!

For Public Water Suppliers: Maine CDC Sampling Guidance

Sample Requirements

Wastewater/Drinking Water/Soils:

Container: use bottles from lab only!
Hold Time: 14 days
Preservation: ≤6° C - Only use ICE for chilling!