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Yes, We Test Drinking Water!

Are you buying a new home or concerned about your current well water? Are you on town water but live in a old house with ancient plumbing? Give us a ring at 846-6569 to discuss your concerns!

We run drinking water tests of all kinds, including "basic safety" and common real estate panels. Testing for single elements of concern (arsenic, copper, lead, fluoride, uranium, etc.) is also welcome. See "Our Analytical Services" page for a full list of tests available.

Please note: MEL does not sell water treatment systems.

BOD Sampling and Delivery Notes

Download the 2017 BOD Sample Acceptance Calendar here: 2017-short-hold-w-bod-calendar (see page 2).

Please call us in advance of BOD sampling to co-ordinate a schedule for sampling and delivery.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s maximum holding time for BOD5 and CBODanalysis is 24-hours from completion of grab sampling or 24-hours from completion of composite sampling to incubation of samples.  Data from samples analyzed outside the 24-hour holding time must be “flagged” when reported.

BOD and CBOD analyses require a 5-day incubation period.  To avoid having the fifth day fall on a weekend, samples must be taken from Tuesday through Friday.  If Monday sampling is unavoidable, please contact us in advance for possible options.

If you must SHIP your BOD/CBOD samples:
Clients shipping samples to the lab should sample as late in the day as possible for afternoon shipping.  Then ship  “overnight for morning delivery” to the laboratory.  UPS or FEDEX Next Day Air arrives 10 – 11 am.

Please call us in advance if it is necessary to sample early in the day.  Samples taken before 8 AM must be delivered to the laboratory as early as possible on the same day.

You may want to discuss the following with your Maine DEP compliance officer:  CFR40 Part 136 Table II states, “Samples may be held for longer (holding time) periods only if the permittee, or monitoring laboratory, has data on file that for the specific types of samples under study, the analyses are stable for the longer time and has received a variance from the Regional Administrator…”