The drinking water is sweet at Freeport/Durham KOA campground.

The drinking water is sweet at the Freeport/Durham KOA campground.

You are defined as a “Public Water System” if you provide water from your own well to 25 or more people per day, or have 15 or more service connections, and operate for 60 or more days per year, or if you are bottling water for sale.

In the State of Maine, Public Water Systems are required to keep up a schedule of testing to make sure their water is safe to drink, and they must report their results to the Maine Drinking Water Program.  Testing must be performed by a certified lab, like Maine Environmental Laboratory.

We have many Public Water System clients and are happy to provide you with bottles in advance of your testing schedule.  As required by your water system permit, we report results directly to the Maine Drinking Water Program (and to you too, of course).  Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs and schedule.


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Maine Water Groups

Maine Water Environment Association
Aimed at wastewater professionals, the mission of the Maine Water Environment Association is to promote professional environmental management practices.

Maine Water Utilities Association
The Mission of the Maine Water Utilities Association is to represent the water works professional membership in advocating safe drinking water through education, legislation, policy and networking.

Maine Rural Water Association
Maine Rural Water Association is a private non-profit organization based in Richmond, ME that provides technical assistance and training to water and wastewater utilities, partially funded by USDA’s Rural Development funds.

Maine Groundwater Association
The Maine Groundwater Association is made up of water well drilling and water pump contractors from across the state. Members are highly trained experts in such services as well drilling, pump systems, filtration, testing, inspection, geothermal and hydro-fracturing.